Federal Tax Law Changes for Community Associations 2018 Gayle L. Cagianut)   PDF document

Taxes and Audits: 20 Questions part 1 (Cathy Kuhn)  PDF document

Tax Time - Associations must file  PDF document

Bad Debt Q&A (Cathy Kuhn) PDF document

Budgeting in Tough Economic Times (Gayle L. Cagianut)

Countdown to Year-End (Gayle L. Cagianut) PDF document

Developer Transition Audits (Gayle L. Cagianut & Cathy Kuhn) PDF document

Expect the Unexpected (Gayle L. Cagianut)

Fraud Happens- A True Story (Cathy Kuhn)

Keep condo group out of 'Jeopardy' (Cathy Kuhn) PDF document

Preventing Fraud and Embezzlement (CAI) PDF document

Quickbooks and Association Accounting (Gayle L. Cagianut) PDF document

RR-70-604 Making the Revenue Ruling 70-604 Election (Gary Porter) PDF document

RR-70-604 Timing of the Revenue Ruling 70-604 Election (Gary Porter) PDF document

Taxes CAI Journal May June 2007 (Cathy Kuhn)

The Twelve Days of December- Year End Association Financial Planning (Cathy Kuhn)

The World According to GAAP (Cathy Kuhn / Gayle L. Cagianut) 

What are Best Practices PDF document

What is the Role of the Financial Committee

Who is our Client (Gayle L. Cagianut)

Words of Wisdom from Industry Leaders PDF document

CPAs for Condominiums and Homeowners Associations in Washington and Idaho

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