Gayle Cagianut has been a leader in the community associations industry for almost 30 years. Ten years ago Cathy Kuhn joined the firm as manager of the practice. C&C now works with almost 800 associations in Washington and Idaho performing audits and tax returns. These associations range in size and complexity. These clients are served by our staff of 19, who also understand the uniqueness of this industry.


Cagianut & Company uses the latest technologies to safely and securely perform audits and prepare tax returns for its 800+ association clients. These efficiencies allow us to maximize client accessibility to our staff and provide timely information and services in a cost-effective manner. We have a proven, secure, cloud-based server with the ability for clients to transfer records to us electronically through a secure portal or other means.


Education is a primary focus of Cagianut & Company - education of our staff, of our clients and of others within the industry. Cathy & Gayle provide numerous volunteer hours speaking and writing about accounting, auditing and tax matters specific to condominiums and homeowners association. This website is updated often and includes those presentations and articles.


C&C strives to be professional, responsive, independent and fair in all its dealings with clients and non-clients.


C&C is a workplace that also encourages staff to participate in community and charitable endeavors and to balance work and family life. We would not be the respected firm that we endeavor to be without the 19 staff members that have chosen to work here! Each is a valued member of the Cagianut & Company team.

front row (left to right):

Hilary Fulton, Lisa Stone, Cathy Kuhn (Firm Manager),
Scott Kuhn, Gayle Cagianut (Owner), Lori Maust


second row:

Jessica Murphey, Lisa Landry, Susie Stenberg, Kimberly Nocco, Jay Zettervall


third row:

Karen Schmid, Maria Senn, Alena Alonichava, Debby Zettervall


back row:

Joe McDonough, Mary Victory, Diana Balasa


Not pictured: Charlene Clark




CPAs for Condominiums and Homeowners Associations in Washington and Idaho

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